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Giloy Sticks
Giloy Sticks






Fresh Giloy Sticks

Medicinal Value-

  1. Full of immunogenic properties: It is great for the immune system. It helps to cure infectious diseases of bones, lungs, intestines, blood disorders, intermittent fever and dysfunctions of the liver.
  2. Skin diseases: When giloy is taken with ghee on empty stomach in the morning, helps to cure all types of skin diseases including, acute & chronic dermatitis, prickly heat, sunburn, pruritus associated with urticaria, all forms of cosmetic allergy, ringworm, psoriasis, leucoderma and leprosy.
  3. Cure gastro-intestinal disorders: Giloy has a bacteriostatic effect on cornebacterium tuberculosis and E. coli thus helpful in gastro-intestinal disorders like dyspepsia, acid dyspepsia, gastritis, oesophagi flatulence, thirst, chronic diarrhoea, chronic dysentry, liver disorders, jaundice, biliary disorders, gastric and duodenal ulcer or in any gaster-intestinal colic.
  4. Panacea for liver diseases: It helps to vitalize the liver and prevent any further damage to this vital organ. Its decoction is also good for kidney and heart.
  5. Prevent cancer: It stimulates the proliferation of stem cells and increases in total white blood
    cells and bone-marrow cells thus enhance antibody-producing cells and phagocytic activities. Giloy extract proved useful in reducing the chemotoxicity induced by free radical forming chemicals. The oral administration of rasayanas along with other indigenous herbal drugs were found to protect from Cyclophosphamide.
  6. Stress management: The aqueous, alcoholic, acetone and petroleum ether extracts of the stem of Tinospora Cordifolia have shown anti-stress activity and Pyrrolidine isolated from the ethylacetate extract of T. Cordifolia showed central nervous system .depressant and hypoglycemic activity.
  7. Diabetes control: Giloy gives immediate and beneficial effect in glucose tolerance and adrenaline induced Hyperglycaemia. It helps in the production of insulin and enhances the capacity to burn glucose. It decreases the blood sugar level.
  8. Arthritis treatment: The giloy extract and decoction is helpful in the treatment and management of gout, gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, clinical conditions or excess urate deposition.
  9. Heart disease:Giloy along with piper nigum has positive impact on cardiac conditions such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart diseases and certain arrhythmias. It will help clear the obstruction in the arteries as well as in the heart and act as cardioprotective agent.
  10. Giloy for urinary infections: Giloy is used to cure all type urinary infections such as uricouria, ketonuria, glycouria, haematuria, albuminuria, dysuria, crystaluria, burning micturition in cystitis, urethritis and particularly in diabetes mellitus.

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